Juice Cleanse

Reset your digestive health - 3-5 days

A nutrient-rich, organic juice cleanse designed to reset eating habits, eliminate cravings and kickstart a healthy diet, free from processed foods. The Classic Reset Cleanse is perfect for both regular cleansers and those new to the juice cleanse experience.

Length: 3-5 days

Whats included?

  • 6 fresh juices per day

  • 30 minute consultation to determine types of juice

  • Yoga classes @ the Kundalini Yoga center

  • Garden & Poolside pass

Base price: $85 per day plus room selection.

Add on any of our other services listed here.


Create your own retreat or add on to a program

Juicing / Smoothies

Delivered fresh daily and made from Organic vegetables and fruits.

Massage therapy
60 or 90 minute sessions available by a licenced massage done in house or by the pool/garden, type of massage is based on therapist. (Therapist comes to the house, not a massage establishment)

Numerology session

1 on 1 session with Hari Simran starting with the basics.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Determine body type, nutrition needs and more, use in conjunction with your meal plan.

Private Yoga/Personal trainer

In house session or by the pool/garden

Meal Plan

Select from a menu of Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw or Protein options. Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Personal chef

Meals prepared by an in house chef.